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IN2 is new UK distributor of PAL Electronics Systems Ltd.

IN2 Access & Control Ltd. has partnered with PAL Electronics Systems as the new UK distributor of RFID technology and GSM products. 

PAL’s range of SmartGate “dial-to-open” access control systems are easy to configure via the PalGate mobile app or premium web-based portal.  User management is simple with the ability to upload spreadsheets for batch processing.  

At launch, IN2 Access will offer various models with different output configurations and user limits, so there is a SmartGate controller perfect for each application.  

SIM cards for the SmartGate controllers are available with a low-cost annual subscription (SKU: CP-BS005) giving full access to the online portal as part of the subscription.

Bluetooth-only controllers are available where 3G service is poor or dial-to-open functionality is not needed (SKU: PAL-SG-BT10).

An available vehicle detector (SKU: PAL-VD900-433) works with the SmartGate system to provide a plug and play solution that easily installs above ground, for activation of automatic barriers at car parks or gated areas.  This battery-operated system requires no wiring for the detector and has a battery life of up to seven years.

There is also an RFID system (SKU: CP-SC33-3GA-1) featuring vehicle windscreen stickers with unique codes on each sticker for added security. The compact all-in-one design is easy to install and can detect RFID stickers up to seven metres away. 

Other GSM devices offer limited functionality and caps on the number of users; or lack the ability to manage devices and users online.  PAL products provide all the functionality expected from a modern GSM systems (i.e. timed entrances, user logs, etc.) but with added convenience for admins managing multiple devices or users.

“We are pleased to offer PAL’s state-of-the-art GSM and RFID products to the UK market while also providing the high level of tech support and customer service we are known for,” says IN2 Sales & Marketing Director Derek Foreman.  “IN2 Access is a solutions provider and businesses come to us all the time with specific situations where these PAL products could fit in nicely as part of a cost-effective solution.”

CLICK HERE to see the current collection of PAL products on our website.  More will be added in the coming weeks.

Questions? Email or call 01691 655150.


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