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Opto Garage Door Safety Edge Kit Opto Garage Door Safety Edge Kit Opto Garage Door Safety Edge Kit Opto Garage Door Safety Edge Kit

Opto Garage Door Safety Edge Kit

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Product Overview

This kit for industrial and garage doors features Witt Opto Edge Low-Power-SIGNAL sensors with 6m of profile GP12/20-40-00
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About the Optical sensors:

The Opto Edge Low-Power-SIGNAL sensors for industrial doors, chooses the output frequency automatically according to the respective conditions. 6 meter range. This kit has a supply cable to free ends.

For a lower current consumption in battery mode the output frequency will be reduced to 400Hz. This results in more life  for the batteries. The wireless transmitted safety signals will be processed in the control module which then gives out the required output frequency for the door control. With a direct connection of the opto edge  Low-Power-SIGNAL to the door control, using the spiral cable, a standard output frequency of typ. 900Hz will be created. This is essential to assure compatibility to all common door controls on the market. In the area of energy efficiency and integrated diagnostic function the Low-Power-SIGNAL sets new benchmarks.

  • 1 - 6m range
  • Automatic operating mode recognition spiral cable/battery
  • Extremely low current consumption
  • Integrated diagnostic system with a visual display
  • LED indicator for switching state
  • Larger gate-width possible
  • Less sensitive to wind load and bending
  • High electromagnetic interference immunity
  • Resistant against voltage reversal and short-circuits

About the safety edge profile:

Note: this kit includes 6m of profile GP12/20-40-00.  You may order the profile separately by CLICKING HERE.

RUBFLEX - the special rubber profiles for optical safety edges. EPDM-rubber profiles for safety edges on garage doors and industrial doors.  The exclusively developed rubber mixture means constant high quality, optimised for Witt’s SIGNAL optical  safety edge kits. This profile is commonly used as a safety device in conjunction with a set of Optical Safety Edge (OSE) photocells to ensure compliancy of garage doors and industrial doors having completed a full risk assessment.

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