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CE and UKCA plates Government Update


The UK Department for Business and Trade announced "an indefinite extension to the use of CE marking for businesses."  The most recent deadline for mandatory switching to UKCA marking was 31 December 2024. 

  • Read the latest Government press release HERE.
  • Read the latest official Government usage guidance HERE.
  • View our UKCA/CE plate product page HERE.

The government intends to extend recognition of the CE marking for placing most goods on the market in Great Britain, indefinitely, beyond December 2024.  UKCA marking can still be used for these goods.

Note: The above news refers to products covered by the Dept. for Business and Trade and includes things such as machinery, low voltage electrical equipment, radio equipment, toys, etc. 

However, "construction products" are a separate category that currently still have a deadline of 30 June 2025 for transition to UKCA marking.  If this is updated, we will let you know here ASAP.  This category includes automatic industrial doors/garages and gates.

Using a CE mark is a legal requirement within the European Economic Area if the product falls under one of the European Union Directives. By adding the mark, the manufacturer, their authorized representative, or an importer is declaring that the product meets all the essential requirements of applicable EU directives. Effectively, CE Marking indicates to all authorities that the product is in compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of all directives that apply to the product.

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