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Industrial Door Applications

Industrial Doors

With such a varied choice of industrial doors in the market today – ranging from heavy, slow hanger doors to lightweight high-speed doors, safety and activation applications are becoming even more challenging.

We supply three types of safety edge technology:

  • Pressure wave safety edges
  • Electrical safety edges – by BBC Bircher Smart Access
  • Optical safety edges – by WITT Sensoric

A safety edge signal can be transferred from an industrial door by spiral cables, manufactured to the highest quality by WITT Sensoric, or, by wireless transmission via our bestselling RF Gate 2 & 2.2 kits, made by BBC Bircher.

In addition, IN2 Access supplies a wide range of photoelectric sensors (photocells).

Our range includes AC/DC, multi-voltage, relay output, PNP or NPN output and multi-frequency to prevent cross talk. All of our photocell transmitters, receivers and full kits are manufactured to the highest standard by BBC Bircher and WITT Sensoric.

Industrial door activation can be achieved with our PIR sensors, Hercules 2 microwave sensors, Proloop 2 loop controllers by BBC Bircher, and wireless key fob activation systems by RIB Automatic.

Industrial Sliding Gate

Industrial Swing and Sliding Gates

Industrial swing gates and sliding gates present many uniquely different challenges for safety, activation, drive and control.

Pre-assembled vehicle loop and inductive loop controllers, BBC Bircher’s ProLoop 2 or microwave radar sensors such as Herkules 2, provide reliable activation for approaching vehicles.

To secure access points, IN2 Access supplies proximity readers with key cards, tags and fobs as well as hardwired, robust keypads.

Resistive safety edges can prevent ride-on safety for industrial gates. BBC Bircher's CoverLine profile can be used to achieve a high level of protection from multiple angles. WITT Sensoric’s photocell and light curtain range can also be used in front of or behind the gate.

Signal transmission can be provided by BBC Bircher’s inductive transmission system – Intra-3. Alternatively, we also recommend a wireless radio transmission system such as the RF Gate 2 and RF Gate 2.2.

If you are in need of drive units for hydraulic swing gates or electrical sliding gates, our range from RIB Automatic is reliable, robust and simple to install.

Pedestrian Doors

Pedestrian Swing, Sliding & Revolving Doors

Pedestrian doors can present particularly challenging applications due to the unpredictable nature of pedestrian traffic, small children and the elderly.

Safety is provided by ride-on and fixed AIR sensors, electrical safety edges and contact safety mats from BBC Bircher. ­­

BBC Bircher’s highly regarded PrimeMotion and Merkur 2 microwave radar activation systems offer a range of features, ensuring the highest level of safety for challenging door applications. If microwave and active infrared safety is required, the PrimeTec B system covers both – in one tidy package, complying with EN16005.

Keypads, exit buttons, wireless controls and activation systems are also available for the more demanding applications.