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Herkules 2E Replaces Herkules 2

BBC Bircher Smart Access is discontinuing the Herkules 2 microwave motion detector, with final orders due 31 August 2020.  At that time, production will end.  The affected SKUs are:

SKU                  Description
241562             Herkules 2 with 10 m cable
99029               Herkules 2 (custom version)
99028               Herkules 2 (custom version)

The Herkules 2E is available now and will be the official replacement for Herkules 2.  The 2E offers many of the same benefits as Herkules 2 with an additional function: pulse-on-exit (POE).  This allows for a quicker closing time. 

Herkules 2E also features:

  • The same price as Herkules 2
  • Easier to program
  • Cable length increased from 7 m to 10 m
  • Fewer wires for faster connection
  • Improved instructions and installation template

Below are the SKUs for Herkules 2E:

SKU                  Description
350849             Herkules 2E microwave motion detector
357649             Holder as spare part
292393             RegloBeam 2 bidirectional remote control

  • You may view the Herkules 2 and Herkules 2E by CLICKING HERE.
  • The Reglobeam 2 programming remote is available HERE.
  • View the new Herkules 2E brochurue HERE.

Contact us to order the Herkules 2 before 31 August, or for any questions regarding which version is right for you.

Tel: 01691 655150

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