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Herkules Microwave Motion Detector and the Environment

With news-grabbing “zero emissions” headlines – along with recent protests – it’s hard to miss the talk on climate change. The Industrial Door Market has been a recent focus in the need for improvements in energy efficiency.  While this is an ongoing process, some changes to improve energy efficiency can be implemented today.

While the energy savings would appear to be minimal, the savings quickly add up: for an SME with a 5% profit margin over 3 years, a £500 a year savings from energy efficiency makes the same profit as £30,000 of extra sales.*

Workplace heating is one of the first areas to focus on. Heating cost increase by around 8% for every 1 degree increase in temperature. Turning it down 2 degrees could save approximately £140 on a £1,000 bill. Additionally, up to 30% of heating costs can be saved by preventing cold air entering a building.*

Put simply, the larger the opening or the longer the door is open, the higher the energy cost. With the functionality of Herkules range of sensors it is easy to start making a difference.

Herkules 2

  • Prevent unwanted opening with cross traffic masking
  • Set two opening outputs with differentiation between people and vehicles (panel must have pedestrian open feature)

Herkules 2E

  • Has an additional function, pulse on exit for a quicker closing time

Visit our website for more detailed information on these two energy-saving sensors for industrial doors.  Download the brochure for free, and log in with a Trade Account (free to apply) for access to detailed technical information to see if this product is right for you.

Contact our Sales Team and start making a difference in your workplace energy usage today.

*Figures taken from the SME Guide to Energy Efficiency for full article please visit the government website.

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