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Partnership Brings New GSM and Vehicle RFID Solutions to IN2 Access

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2021 edition of Door Industry Journal:

IN2 Access & Control has partnered with PAL Electronics to become their UK Distributor.  The partnership means PAL’s market-leading GSM and vehicle RFID solutions are added to the IN2 Access portfolio. “We look forward to introducing PAL’s products to a wider UK audience,” says Derek Foreman, Director of Sales & Marketing for IN2 Access.  “Bluetooth/GSM door and gate controllers as well as vehicle RFID systems are new product categories for us, but certainly complement our existing access control and safety products, it’s a natural extension.”

PAL’s range of PALGate 3G/4G controllers as well as its plug-and-play RFID entry systems will be available with 12 months SIM card and web portal access.  Trade discounts will be available to resellers and installers.

Later in the year, additional PAL products such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems and GSM/Bluetooth/RJ45 wireless intercoms are planned for launch.

A Killer Feature: PAL’s web-based Dashboard

All data-connected PAL products feature tight integration to PAL’s web portal, with free access included on all PAL/IN2 SIM plans or as a standalone subscription service. 

The ability to commission devices before installation saves a significant amount of time spent onsite.  Once installed, system management can be done remotely, with the ability to view voltage stability, cellular signal quality, signal noise, and connection stability for each device.  This makes for efficient troubleshooting and potentially saves on costly service visits. 

PALGate accessories such as wireless vehicle detectors and remote controls can be programmed via the portal, and also show battery status.

Beyond initial set up and device servicing, the portal gives administrators the ability to add users via spreadsheet upload.  Once added, individual users or groups can be configured to only allow access on certain days, hours, or special events. 

“Once you see the capabilities of the web portal dashboard, you will want to use it to manage all of your PAL products,” Derek says.  “The smartphone app is great for standard tasks, but the dashboard makes remote management more efficient and easy.  Time, after all, is money.” 

Is a PAL GSM system right for you?

When an authorised user calls a GSM gate controller unit, the unit rejects the call (thus not incurring any call charges) whilst simultaneously sending a signal to open the gate.  These types of systems are popular in business car parks, gated residential communities as well as private residences.

Automatic gate controllers that use dial-to-open technology have been around for a while, but PAL GSM systems have benefits that differentiate themselves from similar products on the market. 

The traditional ability to open a gate by calling the designated number might be convenient, but can be less secure with modern day phone spoofing technology.  PALGate GSM controllers (while still able to open by dialling) can also be operated using the PAL smartphone app which is securely authenticated.

PAL remote controls  are encrypted so are not able to be cloned or copied.  Administrators can use the web portal to program the function for each button on the remote (even assigning each button to different controllers), add or delete remote users, and view service stats of the remote (e.g. low battery warnings).

The vehicle detector accessory has a seven year battery life (based on 1,000 daily operations) and easily bolts to the road surface, removing the need for in-ground loops, and built to withstand up to 1,000 kg of weight.


What are the benefits of PAL’s RFID system?        

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are ideal for high vehicle traffic areas where security is a priority.  As the name suggests, RFID works by a “reader” sending out radio waves and switching (e.g. opening the gate) when a “tag” sends the correct signal back to the reader.  These tags are usually a coded sticker affixed to a vehicle windscreen. 

These systems are convenient for the end-user as any authorised vehicle given the correct tag can open the gate, with no dialing or smartphone app needed.  However many RFID traffic systems have bulky hardware and complicated user administration, leading to higher installation and operational costs.

“I’ve worked with quite a few of these RFID systems,” Derek says, “and PAL’s is by far the easiest I’ve installed.”

The PAL RFID system features an all-in-one design fitting components in a compact housing, with fixing brackets included.  Each tag has has its own security code, making them more secure, and ensures full visibility via the internal log of access times.  As with all PAL products, the web-based Dashboard makes programming easy, with capability for unlimited number of users. 

All of this in a system costing up to 40% less than comparable RFID traffic systems.

Ahikam Hamami, Sales Director for PAL Electronics says, “We think IN2 Access is a great partner for us in the UK.  Their commitment to customer service and providing top-of-class products makes our PAL systems a great compliment to their current access control ranges.” 

Derek agrees, adding “we are excited to show gate and barrier installers the benefits of the PAL systems and how they can save so much time (and money) by being able to configure and monitor these systems online without the need for costly  site visits.”

For further details and trade pricing on PAL Electronics products, contact IN2 Access & Control and enquire about a trade account.  Email: / Tel: 01691 655150

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