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Videx Intercom Systems Recently Added

The article below originally published in the Summer 2022 edition of The Door Industry Journal.

IN2 Access Offers Videx Intercom Systems

Having traded for over 30 years, Videx is one of the leading manufacturers of intercom systems that are widely used across the globe.  Now, their range of intercoms are available from IN2 Access & Control Ltd., supplier of door/gate activation and safety equipment. Options include “audio-only” set ups (including wireless GSM versions), as well as “video” systems and standalone accessories. 

Entry access intercoms have long been used in multi-unit properties (such as block of flats), business premises, or large gated homes with long drives.  Connected via the control panel, intercoms allow for a convenient way to open doors or gates remotely. 

For ordering simplicity, all systems are sold in kit form that include the microphone/speaker unit mounted at the door or gate entrance, boxed relay, and at least one handset unit for inside the home/property.  Some kits include a special phone interface which allow the system to be used with the owner’s own phone rather than the dedicated Videx handset.

Videx intercoms from IN2 Access

On one end of the spectrum are the wired audio-only systems which offer a cost-effective solution.  Both the 4K and 8K-series kits are available from IN2 Access with options such as integrated keypads (for code lock entry) and illuminated buttons also available.

GSM-powered versions use a 4G mobile SIM card to connect the entrance speaker to a mobile network.  Visitors can use dial-to-open functionality or be connected to someone at the pre-programmed telephone number (mobile or landline) to request entry.  This option reduces wiring requirements, whilst adding more convenience such as the ability to answer the gate anywhere there is mobile service, program calls to be diverted, and do all programming remotely via Videx app or website.

Video systems provide added security by being able to see the person at the entrance or gate before granting access.  These kits include a high-resolution full-colour videophone that can also be expanded to multiple videophones and audio handsets as required.  Cameras on the microphone /speaker unit include illumination LEDs for nighttime callers.

“The Videx brand is a well-known and established name in the market,” says Derek Foreman, Managing Director of IN2 Access.  “Having been asked frequently for this product range, we feel we’re now able to offer a complete solution; Videx compliments our other GSM-powered gate controllers perfectly.”

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IN2 Access Videx selection sheet

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