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New Vertigo Wireless Edge System

The New Vertigo

Available soon in Semi-Wireless and Hard Wired versions!

The first safety edge that will not require impact testing.

RIB re-invents the safety edge, designing the very first safety system for automatic gates that prevents impacts.

The fact that the vertigo prevents any impact on sliding and swing gates, allows the installer to commission the gate without the compulsory impact test which requires the use of the appropriate force testing equipment. Using the vertigo system also dispenses with the need to install safety edges and associated safety monitoring / signal transmission systems, drastically reducing installation time and costs for the installer whilst ensuring the installation remains compliant.

The Vertigo is a completely wireless photocell which can be mounted directly onto the moving part of the gate, ensuring maximum safety. Even in the event the photocell is impacted by a foot or similar, its design ensures the system remains below the lowest impact forces imposed by the Norms.

The AA alkaline batteries last up to 3 years and when battery power is low an audible alert signals the status of the batteries to give you enough time to replace them before the gate  stops operating. Replacing the batteries does not require reprogramming of the devices as the code is memorised.

The Vertigo will also be available in March as a Semi Wireless version ( Vertigo Wireless) and hard wired version (Vertigo).

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Note: Maximum gate speeds and weights apply. See manual for details.



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