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New ProLoop 2 11 pin Inductive Loop Controller

Bircher Reglomat are now phasing out the reliable ProLoop 1 11 pin version, replacing it with its NEW ProLoop 2-11 pin series controllers. The new ProLoop 2-11 pin is 100% backward compatible with the 1 series and boasts a couple of improved features. The new controller will now operate with a loop inductance as low as 20 uH and will now detect vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 31mph when used with an appropriate loop.

Loop detector for industrial doors and gates, car parks and parking bollards

Detection with a system

Every loop detection operation is performed with total reliability when using ProLoop 2.  The ProLoop 2 system monitors and evaluates using induction wire loops laid in the ground and in this way recognises metal vehicles of all types: Bicycles, cars, forklifts, trucks or truck/trailer combinations with drawbars are detected with precision. The intuitive operating and display concept makes ProLoop 2 particularly user-friendly and guarantees the highest levels of reliability because the loop is electrically isolated from the detector.

ProLoop 2 – there’s nothing easier

Intelligent software and compact design make operation and start-up really easy. The 11-pin connection permits rapid modernisation of your loop system simply by plugging new units onto the existing bases.


Pre-assembled induction loops

Consistent with ProLoop 2 loop detectors

Together with wire loops, the loop detectors act as sensors and form universal detection systems for the contact-free detection of vehicles and large metallic components. A pre-assembled loop laid in the ground is used as the sensor element. The pre-assembled loop consists of a wire loop with several windings and a connection wire that is naturally already twisted.

After the groove has been countersunk, the pre-assembled loop only has to be inserted. This guarantees a quick and easy assembly. It is not necessary to count windings or measure the inductance, since this is guaranteed to be between 80 - 300 μH. The risk of damaging the cable insulation while inserting the windings is also eliminated when a pre-assembled loop is used.

After the loop detector has been connected and the groove sealed, the loop detector system is ready for operation.

Units affected and their replacements are listed below:

Type                                                                          SAP        Replaces:

ProLoop2 1.S.24ACDC                                        299855        224480
ProLoop2 1.S.230AC                                           299857        224482
ProLoop2 2.S.24ACDC                                        299858        224483
ProLoop2 2.S.230AC                                           299900        224485

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