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Safe Edge Warranties doubled to 24 Months

WARRANTIES offered by a safety edge supplier are being doubled in line with product development and enhancement.
IN2 Access and Control Ltd is upping the ‘return to base’ guarantee with all its Bircher products from 12 months to 24 months.
The company assembles and dispatches the safety edges from its Shropshire facility.

‘So confident are IN2 Access and Control in the quality and reliability of their pre-manufactured safety edges assembled at their premises in Oswestry, we have now doubled the previous return to base (RTB), 12 month warranty and now offer 24 months RTB as standard, said Derek Foreman, a direct of IN2 Access and Control.

The company manufactures the sensing edges to customer specification using a wide range of different profiles and sensitivities to suit the application requirements. This is backed by a same day service.
‘There are separate contact strips within the edged and reliability of these elements is essential even in unusual applications and extreme weather conditions, he said.

‘The three layer construction of the edge provides the protection and long-life durability. Firstly there are  the connectors, which are filled with a mastic sealing compound are pushed onto the contact strip and crimped, giving a solid connection between the conductive rubber and connector, as well as providing a water tight seal in the unlikely event that water should ever find its way to the inner chamber. Once placed inside the rubber profile of choice, both cable exits and ends are sealed with the same rubber mastic compound providing an additional water tight seal. That’s the second layer and this compound remains pliable for a minimum of five years allowing for movement, expansion and contraction of the safety edge without compromising its integrity.

‘Then thirdly there is the outer rubber profile and the end caps which are then glued at either end to protect against the elements and foreign objects and give the safety edge a more aesthetically pleasing look. Quality is important and we are continuously testing like when an edge was submerged in a fish tank full of water for some period. This edge remained operational for 11 and a half months before it failed  and that’s why we’ve been able to increase our warranty times.’

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