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IN2 Access Partners with ADSA Apprenticeship Program

Derek Foreman, Managing Director of IN2 Access & Control Ltd. will begin leading a series of classes in support of the new apprenticeship program launched by the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA).

The Powered Pedestrian Door (PPD) Technician apprenticeship program was launched last year with ADSA Managing Director Ken Price saying at the time, “Our members clearly identified that there was a skills shortage for entry level technicians in our industry.  Alongside this, there was a need for a consistent approach to ensure that those entering the profession were able attain a high-quality standard of knowledge in theory and practice.”

The two-year level two apprenticeship is based at the Tamworth Campus of South Staffordshire College.  Beginning in December and through early 2023, IN2 Access’ Derek Foreman will lead the Pressure Sensitive Protective Equipment (PSPE) module as part of the apprenticeship program.  The class will be presented to cohorts of 10 – 15 apprentices working their way through the 23 different modules.

image of Derek Foreman IN2 Access Managing Director

“PSPE devices activate when pressure is applied to them. For example, when a safety edge/bumper comes into contact with a person or object or when pressure is applied to a safety mat.  Both edges and mats are an important part of automated door safety where contactless sensing is not always possible.  The module covers a combination of theoretical and practical aspects of safety edges and the fundamentals of how they work,” explains Mr. Foreman.  “A practical section where the apprentices will learn how to assemble safety edges, test and fault find as well as connecting them to wireless systems is included to support the theory.” 

The class concludes with a knowledge test covering both the theory and practical elements from the day.

Mr. Foreman concludes by adding, “It’s a privilege being asked to participate in ADSA’s apprenticeship program.  Investing the time and energy helping young people with an interest in our industry is a rewarding experience.  The program helps them find a professional pathway into the automated door industry, with skills that can only be a good thing for the future of the automatic door, gate and barrier industries as a whole.”

For more information about the Powered Pedestrian Door Technician apprenticeship program, visit:

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This article was originally published in the Winter 2022 edition of The Door Industry Journal.

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