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PHOTOCELL options for powered gates are increasing and that is putting pressure on installers to get it right, says a UK supplier.

While the two functional types remain the same - through-beam and retro-reflective, developments and design enhancements mean that using the correct type of equipment is now a higher priority.

'The types and systems are increasing continually,' said Kane Tetley (pictured) of Oswestry based gate safety equipment supplier In2Access.

'The functionality of the photocell is evolving. It is becoming a more specialised device and the correct choice is more important than ever before. The use of these photocell devices are generally used in conjunction with other safety features or devices such as safety edges of force limitation and should never be used as the primary form of safety on any automatic gate or door.'

The company has increased its range of photocells with the Nova and Argos manufacturer systems to keep pace with these developments and offers installation guidance to buyers.

A major issue facing installers dealing with multiple photocells is 'cross talk'.

'Using multi-channel photocells is one way of avoiding this or to set up synchronised photocells,' said Tetley, 'while using retro reflective photocells is an economical solution.

'Like everything there are advantages and disadvantages to every system dependent on the installation environment and it can be a mine field for contractors looking at the various products.

'Our aim is to work closely with customers, understanding the type of equipment being installed; the site requirements and the needs of the end user. It is becoming far more complex, but photocells are an important part of any powered gate, and product selection is key to saving time and money whilst still ensuring safety is not compromised'

‘It can be a mine field for installers looking at the various options’


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