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Bespoke CE Marking Plates For Automatic Doors

Any new gate installation must have a CE plate showing a serial number and installation date. Our customers often stamp the date and serial number onto a steel plate themselves, or mark it on with a permanent marker.

But adding your own serial number and installation date takes up valuable time and doesn’t always look ideal.

Bespoke CE Marking Plates For Automatic Doors

To solve this problem, IN2 Access & Control now offers bespoke manufacturing of CE marking plates for automatic doors and gates.

We can engrave your chosen coloured acrylic and infill the engraving. Or, we can reverse-engrave clear acrylic that, when fitted onto a coloured gate, clearly shows the engraved text but blends into the gate.

Personalised engraving options

Our state-of-the-art CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine has customer logo and serial number options.

The machine has a bed size of 1200mm by 900mm, which allows us to offer a variety of additional services from signage to branded products.

As well as personalised, engraved name and CE plates, we can also offer our customers bespoke panel covers, press to exit switch backing and emergency stop signage.

We can also offer CE marking for industrial doors, and pedestrian doors and windows to your design and specification.

Once we’ve set up your logo, we aim to print and dispatch your personalised serial number and install date in 1-2 days. Please contact us for details.

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