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Announcing New Covers For The InTra 6 Inductive Transmission system

IN2 Access & Control is the sole importer of Bircher Reglomat sensing and safety products for the UK and Ireland. We have developed plastic covers to improve the look of the InTra 6 inductive transmission system for sliding gates.

In2Access & Control’s InTra 6 cover

The slide-on covers hide the exposed coils at either end of the moving part of the gate, giving your gate installation a more ‘polished’ and pleasing appearance.



About InTra inductive transmission system

The InTra system lets you install safety edges on the opening/closing part of the moving gate, or on the opening/closing side of your fixed posts or supports.

InTra 6 is a further development of Bircher’s inductive signal transmission systems that have been performing reliably for many years.
The system transmits the status of the pressure-sensitive safety edges mounted on the mobile part of the gate, securely and contact-free.

Information is transferred by converter and steel cable to the switching device via a coil. Stationary safety edges are connected directly to the switching device.

Buy InTra 6 transmission system covers

We now ship all new InTra 6 systems with our covers as standard. But, if you already have a system, you can buy covers separately. Please contact us for details.

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