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3 Ways Witt's LIGI Light Curtain Can Keep You Cool This Summer

With summer being little more than a month away, we’ve already seen flashes of brilliant weather here in the UK – with the hottest Easter Monday on record notched just last month. Time to plan ahead as it could be scorching in UK warehouses and factories this year. 

Did you know…?

Witt Sensoric’s LIGI light curtains have a simple, little-known – yet effective – function that your warehouse workers will thank you for: half-closed active monitoring.  This allows you to keep the warehouse door partially opened whilst still providing protection in the event of an object detected when door is closing.

This has three advantages:

  • Helps keep your warehouse cool this summer by allowing fresh air in
  • Not compromising industrial door safety
  • Benefiting from Witt Sensoric’s reliable intelligent technology

This function is available under the following conditions:

  • the light curtain is fitted into the guides
  • the blanking function is used
  • LIGI software is version 59 and above (introduced 21 September 2018)

To use this function: fully open the industrial door and then simply close the door to the required height. Please note the door must be stopped on the way down before it reaches the critical safety zone of the light curtain (the first 500mm of the light curtain from the bottom).

This will keep the light curtain active and stop the door automatically going the rest of the way down if an object is detected.

A note about fully reactivating the light curtain: If the door is stopped within the critical safety zone, or if the door is stopped during the opening cycle of the industrial door (without going all the way up), the door will need to be need to be fully opened in order to re-activate the light curtain. The door can be closed with “hold-to-run” control but does not re-activate automatically – only when it has been fully opened will the sensors perform a test to check whether all beams are working. If successful, the light curtain is fully active again. 

Questions regarding a new LIGI light curtain, or about your existing installation?  Please contact our Sales Team: or call 01691 655150.

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