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Case Study: Safety Edges on a UFO?

Problem: Apple Camping is “an alternative glamping site located in South Pembrokeshire.”  Mixing beautiful countryside with fun and unique camping accommodations is their specialty.  Among the available campsites for rent: a converted jet plane, a log cabin in the shape of a witch’s hat, various yurt tents, and a UFO flying saucer (yes, you read that correctly).  The UFO has a door/staircase that automatically opens and closes on the underside (naturally).  But as it has landed in the UK, safety was needed to keep the door from crushing human hands when closing.

Solution: Secure I-T contacted IN2 Access with the project.  “We are a CCTV, WiFi and access control installation company based in Pembrokeshire,” they said. 

“When we heard about the project, we had to go on Apple Camping’s website straight away to see pictures of all the accommodations,” said Sales Account Manager Rebecca Firth. 

There was some back and forth discussion about the level of safety required and whether any optical sensors would be needed.  The solution ended up being quite simple: two Bircher 011/008 S-Line adhesive safety edges, one on each side of the door, controlled by a Bircher ESGate 3 controller mounted inside out of the way.  When activated, the controller stops the door.

The finished project looks great and Apple Camping was happy to share pictures of the results.

Derek Foreman, Sales and Marketing Director at IN2 Access was happy to help, “We like showcasing interesting projects like this for two reasons: one, it demonstrates that there are many different application for our safety edges beyond gates and industrial doors, and two, they’re fun projects that show our willingness to work with companies on finding solutions to widely varied projects.”

S-Line Safety Edge product link

ES Gate3 product link

For additional information regarding this case study or for bespoke solutions to a unique problem, contact IN2 Access & Control via email, telephone 01691 655150, or click the live chat link below.

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Apple Camping
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More images and details of UFO campsite:  

(photos courtesy of Apple Camping)

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