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Get to Know: The Admin Team

We start off the year with a multi-part series looking at the people behind IN2 Access.  Today we join the Front Office/Admin Team

Whether you call our office to request a quote, place an order, or ask to speak to technical support - 99% of the time, it will be one of these two ladies that you will speak to first: Sara Done and Sarah Follos.

(above: Sarah Follos taking customer calls)

Sara D. has been with the company since March 2016, with previous experience in a variety of admin roles including 19 years working in the legal/insurance department for the local authority.  As admin assistant at IN2 Access, Sara processes orders, invoices, and handles customer queries.  Sara also specialises in ordering stock and keeping track of stock levels. 

When asked what she enjoys about working at IN2 Access, she says “I enjoy everything about it…the people, the customers, even the challenges.  It’s all a positive learning experience.”

Sarah F. joined the company July 2019 and has a similar role to Sara D., with a special focus on handling the “accounts” side of things – that includes processing invoices from suppliers and payments from customers.  If you ever called asking for a current statement, it was most likely Sarah F. who handled your request. 

Prior to IN2 Access, Sarah held various customer-facing roles at popular retail stores, and even includes a brief stint as a local postie with Royal Mail in her CV.  “I like getting to know our customers as we tend to speak to them quite a bit,” Sarah says. “You build that relationship over time and it makes processing orders much easier on both sides.”

When asked what was most challenging about their roles, both Sarah and Sara agreed: having to track down courier issues has been the biggest issue recently.  “I appreciate we’re not the only company facing courier issues at the moment,” Sara says. “But when things are delayed or gone missing, we’re doing our best acting as the in-between the customers, the couriers, and the suppliers.  It can be challenging being in the middle.”

“That’s not to say the couriers are not doing their best during these challenging times, and we of course appreciate them for that!” Sarah adds.  

Next edition we'll take a closer look at the Production Department.

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