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IN2 Access & Control Ltd Develop Vehicle Loop Test Mat

IN2 Access & Control Ltd have developed an inductive loop test mat to help quickly identify issues with existing loops cut into the ground and work with most loop controllers in the market.

Loop test matThis new 95mm x 60mm x 7mm loop test mat allows the engineer to connect it directly to the installed loop controller and activate it by simply using any small metal object to hand such as pliers, hammers etc. It allows quick identification of any ground loop issue and also eliminates the need to use a vehicle or large metallic object to activate an automatic gate or barrier during diagnosis or repair.

“Many engineers have mentioned they carry around large wire loops in their vans for this purpose, which are prone to damage and take up a large amount of space” said Derek Foreman, Director.

“We have come up with a compact solution which will fit into any engineer’s tool kit and will do the same thing”.

The surface of the test mat can be fully customised with a company logo and contact details to suit.

For further information and pricing, please contact our sales department on 01691 655150 or email us at

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