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New Automatic Pedestrian Swing Door Solutions

Featuring Label UK's NEXT 75B and NEXT120S series operators - IN2 Access makes it easy to find just the right kit for your pedestrian swing door application.

IN2 Access swing door operators and kits from Label UK

We've made specifying the right automatic swing door operator as easy as 1-2-3 with our convenient kits:

1. Pick the motor based on door weight
2. Pick the right arm (articulated or sliding)
3. pick the switch (manual or automatic)

Everything else - signage, safety sensors, cables - are included.

  • Next 75B for swing doors up to 75kg
  • Next 120S for swing doors up to 120kg
  • Sliding and articulated arm options available
  • Complete kits available with automatic sensors and switches

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Component parts and accessories available separately, whilst complete packs (kits) offer the best value.  All kits feature Uniscan sensors for safety, plus:

  • PACK 1: push buttons for manual activation of swing door
  • PACK 2: Merkur sensors for automatic activation of swing door
  • PACK 3: CleanSwitch non-touch switches for contact-free manual activation of swing door
Live chat with us for technical support and see which solution is right for your swing door.

    See our editorial in upcoming edition of Door Industry Journal Magazine!

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