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Industrial Door Control Panels are Finally Getting Smart

You can do almost anything with a smartphone these days: call a taxi, order food, program an industrial door control.  Wait – what was that last one?  Yes, with AERF’s new Power GT control panel for industrial doors, full programming and monitoring is easier than ever using their proprietary “Green Touch” app for Android (iOS coming at later date).

The new “smart” industrial control panel range, available from IN2 Access & Control Ltd. in the UK, allows for full configuration and interrogation via the smartphone app, in both the safety contactor or inverter variants. 

Full configuration is still available directly on the control panel, of course, but installers will find the ability to use their smartphone extremely useful.  Especially when installing multiple door systems of the same type or working on an existing installation.

Maintenance settings allows users to set service intervals, display number of door cycles and much more, including error codes to help easily identify likely causes of any problems.

The panel itself comes with all the usual functionality you would expect such as safety inputs and auto-test function, beacon output, 12 & 24V accesory supplies and brake.

Whether you are using limits or encoders on your door, the new panel can accomadate many different requirements.  It also features “interlock facility” should you wish to prevent two doors from being opend at the same time for security purposes or energy-saving requirements.

Optional plug-in modules allow for easy panel upgrades with options for radio transmitters (i.e key fobs), RFID proximity readers, wireless optical and resistive safety edges, and inductive loop card allows for a complete solution for all industrial door requirements.

“We’ve received feedback from our industrial door customers that anything that can make installing and programming these control panels easier and faster is a plus,” says Derek Foreman, Director of Sales & Marketing at IN2 Access.  “Smartphone integration with control panels is surprisingly still not a very common thing, so we are glad to partner with AERF to bring this innovative new solution to the UK market.”

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