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Providing Bespoke Solutions with LED Traffic Light System

LED traffic light solution

If necessity is the mother of all invention, then who is the father?  Some might jokingly say “laziness,” but at IN2 Access, we prefer to attribute “resourcefulness” as the paternal relation.  Such was the case recently when IN2’s Director, Kane Tetley, was contacted by a customer who wanted a unique solution for a standard traffic light application.

“IN2’s customer wanted to prevent traffic coming into the loading bay while goods are loaded and unloaded,” explained Kane.

Simple enough, but the problem was “due to the access and egress points, six sets of traffic lights [were] required, with the most distant traffic light being about 20 meters away from where the gates are activated.” 

Controlling all six lights with a single controller spread over such a distance was the challenge and where “resourcefulness” came into the equation. 

IN2 Access’s RFGate 2.2 receiver is a popular solution for a single gate/light combination, but how to integrate all six sets of lights with a single controller?  “Fortunately, the area to be monitored has the access controlled by a set of manual swing gates [that we were] able to connect a ‘wicket door’ transmitter and magnet to,” said Kane.

The “wicket door” switch is not something normally used in the UK, as a separate door is normally required for pedestrian access, but in this case, it was the perfect solution.

Kane concludes, “The wicket door transmitter was programmed into each receiver controlling the traffic lights, thus, switching all the traffic lights simultaneously from green to red, and back to green again when the gates is closed.”

Problem solved and another happy customer.  Going the extra mile and doing the research necessary to find the right solution has always been a core value at IN2 Access.  Sometimes a simple tweak to an existing product is all that’s needed to solve a unique problem.

Email if you need a bespoke solution to your unique situation.

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