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Security Shutter & Grille Safety

With the industry’s recent focus on ensuring crushing and shearing points on gates, roller shutters and garage doors are made safe, ride-on safety on security grilles and shutters generally used to secure shop fronts and underground car parks can sometimes be overlooked.

The Twin-Safe and Twin-Pro sensors by Witt Sensoric have been specifically designed for pull-in protection. The Twin-Safe has a potential free relay output and test input and is compliant to CAT2, PLc according to EN13849-1. The Twin-Pro allows for direct connection into an OSE (Optical Safety Edge) input.

Other features include simple alignment with its pivoted joint and single point mounting, front-facing LED alignment indicator for easy installation, insensitivity against ambient light and a high degree of protection – IP67 – makes it a robust safety solution for most applications.

Strategic placement of these sensors detect the presence of an object or hand being drawn up into the mechanism of a roller or sectional door and signals the control system to stop or stop and reverse the motor, preventing serious injury. Click here to view our pull-in protection range.

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