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Top 5 Solutions for Industrial Door Sensing & Safety

This article is featured in the 2021 summer edition of the Door Industry Journal.

While lots of businesses were closed during lockdown, many industrial sites kept their doors open, providing essential supplies and services across the country.  Whether a large warehouse storing goods, or a local garage keeping front line vehicles in working order – one thing these sites most likely had in common were automatic industrial doors and barriers.  As we all know, safety is key with these type of machines. 

IN2 Access is proud to support essential businesses operating during this challenging time, providing sales and technical support.  We’ve run through the numbers and below are our Top 5 products that work best with industrial doors and barriers, based on units sold and enquiries made.

5. ProAccess sensor

This vehicle detection sensor from BBC Bircher Smart Access has several things going for it, combining microwave and ultrasonic technology in one neat package.  Ideal for automatic gates and barriers where you don’t want to dig up the surface to install a loop.  ProAccess is our easiest-to-install vehicle detection sensor, and due to its dual sensing capability offers both activation and presence detection of vehicles.  An IP65 rating and built in heater for colder weather makes this a popular unit on our website. 

IN2 Access Tip: don’t forget to look at the available bespoke mounting bracket which is a popular add-on to this device.

4. PAL RFID system

A relative newcomer to our website, the RFID vehicle detection system from PAL Electronics sets itself apart from similar RFID systems with its competitive price and its compact all-in-one design (making installation easy). This system can open automatic barriers and gates.  Available UHF windshield RFID stickers are individually coded for the highest level of security. 

IN2 Access Tip: For a limited time, add any PAL product to the online shopping cart and use promo code IN2PAL for one year free portal access with any PAL product purchase (£160 value, renewable annually, can cancel anytime). The online portal provides pro-level device + user management and unleashes this system’s full potential.

3. Herkules 2E Microwave Detector

Bircher’s second showing on our top sellers list is with their popular microwave sensor, which can open industrial doors via motion detection. Herkules was updated to “2E” specification last year after Herkules 2 was discontinued.  The newer version includes a “pulse on exit” function for quicker closing times as well as longer 10m cable, and is ideal for high speed doors.  All other features carry over including cross traffic masking and ability to differentiate between people and vehicles. 

IN2 Access Tip: the optional Reglobeam bi-directional remote control makes for easy programming and maintenance (especially once it's mounted). 

2. Photocells

Presence detection is a key consideration when working with automatic industrial doors and the top two on our list deal specifically with that. Photocells fall into two categories, retro-reflective (where an active sensor shoots the invisible infra-red light beam across the door to a reflector which is transmitted back to the sensor) and through beam (one sensor emits the light, the other receives).  Each solution has their merits and ultimately comes down to installation constraints and personal preference.  

IN2 Access Tip: By far the most popular photocell on our website is the Argos 2 through beam kit by Witt Sensoric, although various wired and semi-wireless options by NOVA and Bircher’s LBGate are close in popularity.

1. Optical Safety Edges

Witt Sensoric’s line of optical safety edges tops our list of popular safety solutions for industrial doors.  The wide range of rubber profiles available as well as compatible Opto Edge kits makes them a go-to solution for many installers.  Among its benefits: quicker (and easier) onsite installation time, resistance to wind load/bending, and optional battery-operated wireless connection to control panels. 

IN2 Access Tip: Be sure to look at Witt’s line of optical kits for pull-in protection – children playing on roller shutters is a major hazard.

For details on any of the products listed, click on the links above.  For trade pricing or technical support, contact or call 01691 655150.

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