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InTra6 3 Kit

InTra6 3 Kit

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Operating Voltage

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    InTra6 3

    Inductive signal transmission system for automatic sliding gates.

    Systematic Safety

    InTra6 transmits the status of the pressure-sensitive safety edges mounted on the mobile part of the gate, securely and contact-free. Information is transferred by converter and steel cable via a coil to the switching device. Stationary safety edges are connected directly to the switching device. InTra 6 is a further development of our inductive signal transmission systems that have been performing reliably for many years.

    InTra6 – It couldn’t be easier

    The intelligent software with intuitive user guidance and the compact design mean that InTra6 can be operated and started up easily.

    User-friendly and clear

    The operating status and set values can be read at a glance from the clear LCD display.

    Rapid Start-up

    The configuration programmed at the factory corresponds to a large proportion of the applications. InTra6 is operated using two buttons.

    Individually configurable

    An ingenious set-up permits a safe and reliable configuration. The extremely flexible system can easily be adjusted for the individual situation. There are no longer any bridging resistors.

    Integrated resistance display

    The resistance values of the connected safety edges are displayed if necessary, making additional measuring instruments superfluous.

    Clear at first glance

    The LED display immediately shows when a safety edge has been actuated. The LCD display also shows which safety edge and which outputs are affected.

    Simple and compact

    No more complicated cabling along the entire gate spar! Simply use a second converter for the secondary closing edge. High level of flexibility in gate design thanks to the small, densely packed system components. Using only one system, it is possible to monitor up to four safety edge circuits safely and reliably.

    InTra6 Transmission system benefits are:

    • Back Lit LCD Display
    • Operating status (Display which edge is being activated
    • Fast startup
    • Fully configurable for up to 11 gate configurations
    • Resistance Display (read resistance of Safety edges in situ)
    • Rolling last 5 error memory (invaluable when intermittent errors on gate installation)
    • Easy Programming
    • Compact design
    • 4 evaluation circuits - 2 mobile edge & 2 fixed edge inputs
    • 2 outputs (opening/closing)
    • Approved to EN12978 or Cat 2 (PL d) Cat 3 (PL e)
    For instructional video showing how to clear down the last 5 error log, click the link below:

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