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Straight Connector ES-RC

Straight Connector ES-RC

SKU: 211968


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    Bircher Reglomat mat accessories are used for instal- ling and fixing contact mats. These components and the contact mats make it possible to assemble safety contact mat systems according to the EN 1760-1 standard. The ramp rails and corner connectors reduce the risk of tripping and, in addition, are able to withstand pneumatic or rubber tyres to the weight specified in the technical data.
    The Z-rails are placed on the side facing the machine in order to fix the safety mats down. Then the fixing holes are drilled and the Z-rails screwed into place. The ramp rails are then arranged around the other sides of the safety mat system and screwed down in the same way.
    Bircher Reglomat recommends using connection strips to connect the individual mats, in order to pre- vent dirt from collecting under the safety contact mat system. An air gap of about 1 mm makes it possible to replace an individual mat within a system.
    Order Code: ES-RC
    • Colour                                       Black
    • Material                                   POM6 (N2320)
    • Weight                                       4g
    • Load            Rubber Wheel: 10,000 N
    •                       Pneum Wheel: 20,000 N

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