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NEW EPE016/026 Safety Edge Profile for Barriers & Intricate Gate Designs

016/026 Safety Edge Profile for BarriersHigh response sensitivity for reliable protection

Safety edge for parking barrierWith the heightened awareness for safety on automatic gates, doors and barriers, an increased demand for safety devices that have less impact on the visual aesthetics of an installed system such as bespoke ornate gates or rounded barriers has been created.

Bircher, has responded to the market's needs with their new miniature addition to the S-Line safety edge series. Simply click into the holding rail laterally in the same way as the CoverLine series, completely concealing the aluminium mounting rail.

This fully-compliant safety edge measures a mere 17 mm wide by 27 mm high when fitted and benefits from full end caps, which completes its seamless appearance.

"We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this profile, which has generated a great deal of interest with our customers" said Derek Foreman, Director - IN2 Access and Control Ltd.

With an activation distance of 3 mm at a force of only 55 N, this edge is the optimal choice for ensuring your automated gate or barrier system is safe.

Furthermore, the new aluminium AP-G2 mounting rail - which features a concave shape, unique to the market - has been specifically designed to fit curved or flat surfaces.

For more information or to place an order, call the IN2 Access team on 01691 655150.

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