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BBC Bircher Launches Ultra-hygienic Contact-free Switch

BBC Bircher Smart Access has introduced an innovative contact-free switch to the pedestrian door market.

UPDATE FEB. 2019 - All variations and colours are now in stock.  Available in white or black, with or without optical feedback, in 11 different pictograms.  CLICK HERE to view our line of door release products, including CleanSwitch.

BBC Bircher's cutting-edge technology allows contact-free door activation from distances of up to 50cm, making the new CleanSwitch ideal for settings with high hygiene requirements including hospitals and catering environments.

The robust switch can even be treated with standard cleaning agents and disinfectants without causing damage to its housing or internals. This ultimately prevents common germs and pathogens from spreading in places with high volumes of pedestrian traffic.

The system has been designed with simplified installation in mind. The CleanSwitch is compatible with all standard flush-mounted boxes and includes state of the art features such as multiple LED colour indication and detection modes, which can be set intuitively without the need for tools.

CleanSwitch offers two detection modes: the ‘pulse mode’ option, which switches when movement is detected and returns the detector to its initial state after a period of time and the ‘toggle mode’ option, which changes its activation state every time a hand movement is detected.

The switch comes with a choice of standard icon faces including open, close and disabled access. Customers can also purchase the unit without pictograms if a more streamlined appearance is desired.

This product is now available to buy on our website. Please click here to view our current range.

Alternatively, please call the IN2 Access team on 01691 655150 for more information.

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