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RFGate 3: The World’s First Category 3 Wireless Transmission System for Safety Edges

Swiss innovators, BBC Bircher Smart Access, have launched the world’s first wireless safety edge transmission system with PLd and category 3 compliance.

With gates getting faster and security requirements greater, installers may find it increasingly challenging to identify essential safety equipment and signal transmission systems.

With large temperature differences, sources of interference and harsh ambient conditions potentially impairing the functionality of protection systems, BBC Bircher has released its ground-breaking RFGate 3 wireless signal transmission system with performance level d (PLd) and category 3 rating.

Taking safety to the next level

The RFGate 3 is self-monitoring and category 3 compliant, meaning it eliminates the need for connecting a test output. By removing this potential source of errors, installers can benefit from quick and straightforward installation.

This revolutionary product enables secure safety edge monitoring at every controller, even without a test output. By shifting the safety-relevant functions from the controller to the wireless transmission system, RFGate 3 meets the highest level of safety required on the market.

Sleek design with performance benefits

The latest addition to BBC Bircher’s RFGate range comprises of a wireless system housed in a sleek, slimline housing with IP65 rating and integrated cable strain relief.

Installers can also benefit from having additional cable mounting options as the RFGate 3 can be routed from four sides.

The RFGate 3 not only stands out for its elegant integration properties, but also for its strong performance as the system ensures a high level of interference immunity with a wireless range of up to 100m. The devices used for the RFGate 3 system also use less power, meaning batteries last for up to two years.

Modular solution for every gate

The RFGate 3 wireless transmission system comprises of four modular components: a transmitter, a wicket door transmitter and both a single and dual channel receiver.

The RFGate 3 is available for purchase from IN2 Access, BBC Bircher's exclusive UK distributor.  You can order here via our website, or email  

If you currently have, or are looking to set up an IN2 Business Account, please email or call our Sales Team which can offer you a significant tradesmen discount. Tel: 01691 655150

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