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Merkur 2ES Radar Motion Detector

The Merkur radar motion detector is the ideal activation sensor for automatic pedestrian door entry applications such as shop doors, public transportation and residential homes.

Extremely versatile in its design with a number of useful features; the Merkur 2 comes with directional logic to allow for applications to differentiate between entering and exiting pedestrians, e.g. The movement detection allows activation only when people are directly approaching.

This intelligent detector system provides a smooth flow of traffic without the strain of involuntary openings from cross traffic. Both these functions also ensures energy efficiency, therefore reducing costs for the proprietors.

The Merkur 2 can be readily programmed to your specification to ensure the best use for each individual application. An additional remote control can also be purchased (See RegloBeam 2 remote control) with its usage, the sensor can be quickly configured and its parameters individually adjusted to suit.

For applications involving vulnerable adults the Merkur 2 is ideal, with its specially pre-designed comfort settings allowing for slower moving persons to be safely acknowledged, and keep the automatic door open for longer.

For more information regarding Bircher Reglomat products feel free to check out their website

Alternatively if you would like to discuss your requirements further or request a product demonstration please get in contact with the in2access team.

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