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ProLoop Price Adjustment 1 July 2022

As you will be aware, the global cost of raw materials, components and manufacturing are forcing suppliers to pass on, at times large and frequent price increases.  We have absorbed a number of these increases however, as demand has forced purchasing of semiconductor components into the spot market we have seen an unprecedented increase in costs associated with the manufacture of all BBC Bircher ProLoop variants (see below).
Every effort has been made to mitigate and control these cost increases but it’s clear in order to maintain supply we are faced with the unfortunate situation of having to increase all Proloop prices by 8%.

This price increase will become effective on all new and existing orders delivered on or after 1st July.  We hope by the end of the year there will be a return once again to “Normal” availability of these components.

We assure you we are continuing to work closely with manufacturers to minimise the effect of any cost increases and thank you for your understanding of the situation we are all facing and your continued support.

As ever, IN2 Access assure you of our continued high levels of quality and service.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Live Chat with us or email/call from Contact us page.

ProLoop SKUs impacted below

1-loop devices with and without alarms:

  • 262596
  • 262597
  • 262598
  • 262599

2-loop devices with and without alarms

  • 262670
  • 262671
  • 262672
  • 262673

11-pin connection variants

  • 299855
  • 299857
  • 299858
  • 299900
  • 209745

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