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Turn around is priority for winning sales

Turn around is priority for winning sales Reproduced with permission from Perimeter Systems. Perimeter Systems July 2011 Magazine Issue (© Perimeter Systems / Orton Associates 2010. Tel: +44 (0) 1543 480 322, Email: A company supplying safety sensors to the automated gate sector has seen sales grow by 60 per cent in the first year. IN2 Access and Control was formed two years ago from Bircher Reglomat UK Ltd and now has a 2,000 sq ft warehouse on the Welsh borders. There it assembles and distributes safety sensors and edges, imported from its Swiss partner Bircher Reglomat AG. ‘From...

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IN2 Access & RIB Collaboration

IN2 Access & RIB Collaboration IN2 Access & Control Limited is proud to announce its collaboration with RIB Automatic Entry Systems. With the addition of RIB Automatic Entry Systems products to our portfolio, along side the quality products of Bircher Reglomat and Witt Sensoric, we can offer our customer a better integration between drive, control and safety for the pedestrian & industrial door, industrial gate, barriers, bollard markets in the UK and Ireland. Since 1971 RIB has been dedicated to the design and production of long lasting automatic entry systems suitable for intensive use. RIB has been developing its technology...

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Powered Perimeter Gates

  Health and Safety Executive – Safety Notice: OPSTD 1-2011 ( Reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use Licence. Introduction: The purpose of this General Safety Notice is to advise Landlords, Commercial owners or facilities managers of properties with Powered Perimeter Gates, what they must do to ensure the safety of people in the vicinity of such gates. The advice below summarises the action you need to take so that the public, your staff, and other workers are not put at risk by the gate’s design, construction, operation or lack of maintenance. Background: During the summer of 2010 two children...

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Risks to pedestrians from crushing zones on electrically powered gates

Health and Safety Executive – Safety Notice: FOD WSW 1-2010 ( Reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use Licence.   Introduction: The purpose of this Safety Notice is to alert organisations or individuals involved in the design, construction, installation and/or commissioning of electrically-powered gates to potential safety risks to pedestrians. It is also of relevance to organisations in control of the use and/or maintenance of existing electrically-powered gates. It will be of particular interest to gate manufacturers, gate installers, those involved in the commissioning of electrically-powered gates, organisations involved in construction projects including the installation of gates, and persons or...

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HSE Electric Gate Podcast

Health and Safety Executive – HSE Transcript on the Safety Alerts for Automatic Gates ( Reproduced under the terms of the Click-Use Licence. Safety Alert – Electric gates Welcome to the HSE podcast. In this episode we speak to David Ashton, HSE’s Director of Field Operations, about the new warning that’s been issued to the manufacturers and installers of electric gates. Tragically there were two deaths this summer just a week apart to two young girls who were crushed when they were trapped between the gates and the columns against which they automatically shut. But first here’s a roundup of...

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